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Possibly my favourite time of the day:

when its not really day or night, yet

and the moon is shy of its full beauty

So it ends. A February project to keep myself busy and maybe gain a new perspective. Thanks for coming along for the ride, you guys.
So was I successful in my aim? Only partially.
It has, however, convinced me to take the camera along more often. I don’t capture my favourite city that often. Maybe in summer I’ll play tourist in my own city and post more interesting finds on here.

Until then, check in on my regular blog for more 2010 projects.



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This wittle piggy went to the…

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Best part of the weekend: Elisabeth’s little chubby butternut squash baby

Reading a ‘head-on collision’

February 20, 2010 - 3 Responses

Look what I found while browsing through the ‘book sale’ at the hospital  for 25c yesterday.

For those uninitiated, its the story of the last of the Bennet sisters from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’,which is one of my absolute favourite books. Of course I had to buy it.

Girls, I shouldn’t have. I really shouldn’t have.

This badly written book is turning the world I imagined for Darcy and Elizabeth, right on its head.

Pg 11. “It is a vile thing, he(Mr Darcy) thought, to marry beneath one’s station no matter how great the love and how tormenting the need to consummate that love. And it has not been worth the pain. My beautiful, queenly Elizabeth is as pinched as a spinster as her sister Mary.  I have one sickly womanish boy and four wretched girls. One in the eye for me, Mrs Bennet. May the devil take you and your glorious daughters, the price has been too high.”

I’m on page 124 and already this hateful woman, Colleen, has  taken out the love between Mr and Mrs Darcy after years of marriage and replaced it with disgust on Mark’s part and acute disappointment on the part of Elizabeth.  Then she went back and wrote up their wedding night to be an absolutely degrading and unloving!

Oh God!

Make it stop!

But somehow she, the author, has the audacity to write how after taking some meds Mary’s spotty face cleared up and her teeth was fixed to the point that she turned, from plain Mary, to almost looking like Elizabeth!!  Now spinster Mary, at the age of 38, has all kinds of suitors. The ‘love’ interest, a friend of Darcy’s,  in fact likes Mary because he has had a secret crush on Elizabeth for 10 years!

Why am I still reading? Why why why?

Someone take this book away before I finish it.

Ancient Technology

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Apparently this oxymoron applies to what we do in neurophysiology where no equipment is ever thrown out, no matter how old if we can use it for research.

I give you-

Clinical Audiometer

(used to deliver, in my case, white noise to the subject inside the scanner)

While that is being done, I’m collecting real time electrical signal from ‘ using..


Too technical and boring for you? Well tough. Thats what I’m heading off to do all day today.


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I’m baaaack!

Why? I don’t know. Clearly I do not have enough creative juices or the ‘eye’ for the camera to keep this blog interesting or even updated for that matter. But its almost…… almost mid February and I’ll see things through, damn it!

Enough chitchat. I give you….”Things that let me face another god-damn day”

My wakeup call

My ‘cool’  support  at work

Random finds that make me smile

-found at the back of TTC Streetcar.